Greenwich Park Tree Explorer

Greenwich Park has over 3,500 trees made up of more than 100 species. Some of the trees are more than 350 years old.

It is also one of the best examples of a baroque park in the country with its original tree lined avenues still laid out as they were by Charles II in the seventeenth century.

But just like the old saying, "it's hard to see the wood for the trees", this amazing structure, variety and beauty is lost as you wander around. Here you can see the trees in Greenwich Park in a completely different way.

There are two ways to do this but in both the trees are colour coded for the most common types. The most flexible way is to install Google Earth and download the KML file. If you have a decent fast phone, it should work on that too, so you can carry it around in your pocket as you walk through the park.

You can also view the data very effectively on OPEN STREET MAPS who make it easier for those providing a free service as they do not insist on a billing account like Google.

This will open in a new window and looks like the screen shot on the left.

Click here to see the trees in Open Street Maps

Click on the button below to download the KML file to your device so you can view in in Google Earth.

 Download the KML file for use in Google Earth

Trees in Open Street Maps

In Google Earth the data appears as below. Note: KML File was updated on 20/02/2021 to have correct tree information and 'balloons' at heights relative to the trees height.
Trees in Google Eath Pro


Screen shot of downloaded KML file displayed in Google Earth Pro. Similar functionality is avalable using the browser based Google Earth.



You can view the data in Google Maps below although this may stop working at anytime so best to use Open Street Maps from the like above.



Get the app: Google Play Store


Click on a tree on the map to get more information about it.

 Spanish Chestnut (710)

 Ancient Spanish Chestnut (c.60)

 Oak Varieties (463)

 Horse Chestnut (379)

 Lime (346)

 Beech varieties (181)

 Cherry varieties

 Plane, including London Plane


 All other varieties

The tree data has been augmented and parsed from a 2014 survey carried out by the Royal Parks and made available by the Freedom of Information laws.

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